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Healthy life stlye

Training Exercise Experts to Improve the Quality of Life
Development, production and sale of exercise tools
Corporate Lectures & Entrusted Education Services

Brokerage Recruiting Firms 

Develop and grow my dream of becoming a trainer together.

LC Roders, which started in 2019, started developing, producing, and selling small tools.
2020 Release Pipe User's Guide, How's Your Exercise? published a book.
In 2021, he ran the Trainer Training Course, a sports college student association club. 
The Korea Health Education Professional Association will be established in 2022. 
In 2022, students who dream of becoming trainers and companies began to send education on consignment.
In 2023, the 'Future Medical Cost Saving Project' campaign opened online courses to make money. 
Continuing activities such as the development of community development cooperation campaign programs, We are sharing our thoughts on the national health promotion project.

LC Roders trains professional trainers and conducts commissioned training services. 
I look forward to meeting you through teachers in various fields across the country.

How to improve the quality of life!
Let's be with LC Roders now!

LC Roder's Produce

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